The Courter Family North Portland Family and Maternity Session

This family is a special one to me.  Ashley and Aaron are basically my life photographers (they photographed our wedding and family after the births of our girls) and I feel incredibly lucky to call them friends.  For as many good things as I can say about them as photographers, they are inspiring to me on an even deeper level simply as the people they are and the family legacy they create daily.  

I photographed their family portraits right before they welcomed their little beam-of-light daughter Maple into their family.  Their love as a family is tangible.  This inspires me to create and treasure the memories in my family as authentically and with as much joy as the Courters do.  Ashley and Aaron, let's do this again soon but with Maple in the mix!  Love love love you guys.   

Amy and John's Vashon Island Engagement Session on Film

It's certainly not everyday I get to take a ferry boat ride or visit a lighthouse.  For Amy and John's engagement session I got to do both in a matter of one day and it was a dream come true!  We took the Fauntleroy ferry to Vashon Island and I fell in love! 

I love having the chance to photograph a couple's engagement session before their wedding, like I did for Amy and John.  It is a chance for us to laugh and get to know each other before the wedding day.  I see photographing an engagement session before the wedding as a kind of ice breaker.  My couple gets to see how much fun it can be being photographed (truly, it's an experience of connection between you and your honey!), and bonus, you'll get gorgeous photos and the anticipation for your wedding will only build.  I'm a fan!

Abigail and John's Portland Maternity Portraits on Film

We took Abigail and John's maternity portraits in the Hoyt Arboretum just before sunset.  Abigail and John love film photography and wanted to capture a romantic mood for this special time in their life (just before welcoming their baby girl Hazel!).  I love how there are celebratory pops of "it's a girl!" pink in nature - like the poufs of peach blossoms on the mimosa tree.  And let's be real, it doesn't get any more beautiful than these two! 

Jessica's Vancouver Washington Headshots on Film

Jessica is one of those people who seems to have an aura of joy and wisdom.  When she enjoys something, she savors it wholeheartedly and is completely present in the moment.  Jessica is a Portland based fine artist and photographer who creates art for "radiant, big-hearted women who love nature and need reminders of calm and beauty".  Yes!  Sign me up.  We photographed her headshots at Frenchman's Bar in Vancouver, Washington.  It's a beautiful spot on the Columbia River that has sand, meadows, trees, and quiet paths.    

Jess, I'm honored to know you and inspired by your determination and the way you uplift others!