The Havens Family Portland Portrait Session

I love this sweet family.  I have known Meghan and Andrew for almost 10 years.  Back then they were just sweethearts and now they have this beautiful family together.  In these photos they have just their two dear boys, but now they have three kids!  Meghan gave birth to a darling girl named Clementine in September.  Is that not the cutest name in the history of names?  To say I'm looking forward to photographing this family of five would be an understatement.  

When looking at these photographs, I'm reminded how precious it is to be able to have photographs of your kids to remember their littleness.  A photograph can quickly transport you back to the way they felt when you held them, the impossible softness of their skin, the way their voice said mama.  I'm a firm believer that family photographs help me appreciate my greatest treasure on earth.  Seeing a picture of my family fills me to the brim with gratitude.  And another thing I'm grateful for: being able to document families like this one.