Hi, I'm Linnea. I am invigorated by fresh beginnings and love stories. The prospect of planning an adventure elates me and is influenced by the 10 years I lived in Europe and summers spent on my grandparents' farm in Sweden, digging up new potatoes and strawberries. I dream of cobblestone roads, bakeries, and geraniums in terra cotta pots.

I am equally happy going out for a spicy bowl of pho with my husband, or searching Bon Appétit magazine for a recipe to make at home. I believe that it's always a good time for cupcakes. On the weekend, you might find me at the Portland Farmer's Market with a bunch of peonies in hand, or putting a few good miles on my running shoes.

I believe photographs are a medium through which we can appreciate the dearest things in life. Your photographs will express a wholesome sincerity and simple joy. I see things straight to the heart and creating a remarkable photography experience for you that is natural and fun is my delight.